During the last century Ancel Keys, American biologist and physiologist, in over 40 years of studies, was the first scholar to analyze the main aspects of the diet of the populations of the Mediterranean basin which, according to his studies, were less susceptible to pathologies of cardiovascular disease compared to the US population.
He decided to move to Pioppi to conduct his studies on site and during his analysis it emerged how the Mediterranean diet can be able to increase the level of health and, consequently, the longevity of anyone who follows it scrupulously and at the same time as a style of healthy and balanced life.
The Mediterranean diet, as stated in his "The Seven Countries Study" is based on: pasta consumed regularly, fruit and vegetables (fresh, natural, in season and strictly of local origin) consumed in abundance and frequently, olive oil as the main and almost exclusive source of fat, dairy products often consumed in moderate quantities, fish and poultry consumed in fairly low quantities, eggs, red meat in minimal quantities, plenty of water every day and wine in modest quantities during meals.


Our oil from the Cilento Biodistrict (south of the province of Salerno) is obtained from the pressing of olives of the Pisciottana, Rotondella, Ogliarola, Frantoio, Salella and Leccino varieties.
Born from our centuries-old olive trees which are located partly on the hills (at 300 m asl) and partly near the sea, the olives obtained from these two areas have different flavor inclinations and are expertly mixed to create a unique blend with an almost inimitable taste .

Following a 100% organic procedure, the knowledge and experience necessary to obtain an oil like ours from the "Sopraffino di Ceraso" and "Finissimo di Ceraso" labels has always been handed down from generation to generation.
To produce our Extra Virgin and Virgin Olive Oil we pay the utmost attention and respect for the environment because our goal is to obtain a product of the highest quality and with a fundamentally authentic character.


The Fico Bianco del Cilento, obtained from the Dottato cultivar, is a local DOP product, certified Agroqualitร  and exclusive presidium of the Cilento National Park area.
Imported before the 6th century BC by Greek colonists, this particular variety of fig owes its name "Bianco del Cilento" to its typical uniform light yellow color on the skin and its very sweet and pasty pulp with an amber yellow colour.
This fruit can also be dried by following a phase of natural exposure to sunlight which involves drying such as to allow it to maintain the various organoleptic properties inherent in the fruit unaltered.
We take care of cultivating this precious rarity, which has become an icon of our territory, also with the aim of following up on subsequent processing and production of typical local sweets.


From a passion to reality; we started producing white and red wine grapes following the cardinal principles of our productions.
Our grapes are the fruit of passion and love for our land and this is why we love to offer it to the guests of our facilities, to delight their stay by not missing out on a further affectionate touch of Cilento.