• Certified Quality

    Our organic certification covers the entire supply chain, guaranteeing the highest quality of our extra virgin olive oils.

  • 100% Made in Italy

    Our production is 100% Italian and takes place entirely in the heart of Cilento, a UNESCO heritage site since 1998.

  • Three Unique Oils

    We carefully select our cultivars to create three organic oils with different characteristics.

Alberta Iannicelli - Ceraso 1898

Explore the intense and persistent taste of our Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil "Sopraffino di Ceraso", the fruit of the perfect combination of tradition and quality. This oil has won several international awards and is available in 250ml and 500ml formats.

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Our historic cans

Over 200 years of history

Already in 1800, Enrico Iannicelli exported the oil produced in Ceraso to South America.

Today, that tradition continues to animate the passion and commitment of the family, which has made the production of olive oil a true cultural and gastronomic heritage.


Our Organic Oils

Our bottles were inspired by images of historic family cans, dating back approximately 200 years. These depictions have guided the creation of unique labels, which stand out for the skilful selection of Monocultivars and Blends. Each bottle represents a careful choice of olives, grown in Cilento with passion and respect for the environment, giving life to organic extra virgin oils with unmistakable quality and flavour.

The Gift Boxes

Give the gift of a unique experience with the Alberta Iannicelli Gift Box . A selection of fine olive oils for an elegant and exclusive gift.

The Family Boxes

The Family Boxes are the perfect supply to always have our oil available. Convenient packs of 6 bottles of 500ml or 12 bottles of 250ml.

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