Alberta Iannicelli - Ceraso 1898 wins Gold at Berlin GOOA 2023, among the Best in the World

Alberta Iannicelli Olive Oils have achieved an important milestone, winning Gold at the prestigious Berlin Global Olive Oil Awards (GOOA) 2023.

This recognition places them among the best olive oils in the world, confirming their excellence.

Legacy of Excellence:

For years, Alberta Iannicelli has been producing olive oils of exceptional quality, thanks to her dedication to sustainable agriculture and careful and authentic production methods .

The Berlin GOOA:

The Berlin GOOA is an internationally renowned competition that celebrates the excellence of olive oils. Alberta Iannicelli's Gold award testifies to craftsmanship, exquisite flavors and compliance with international quality standards.

Satisfaction of Palates:

The range of extra virgin olive oils offered by Alberta Iannicelli satisfies every taste. From intense and peppery to delicate scents, each bottle offers a unique sensory experience.

Sustainable Practices and Guaranteed Quality:

Alberta Iannicelli is committed to sustainability and respect for the environment when producing their olive oils. Every step of the process, from cultivation to bottling, is carefully monitored to ensure authenticity, traceability via blockchain and exceptional taste.

Inspiration for Innovation:

Alberta Iannicelli Olive Oils victory at Berlin GOOA 2023 is an inspiration to the entire industry, urging others to pursue excellence. Their success represents a point of reference in terms of quality and innovation in the world of olive oils.


Alberta Iannicelli's Gold of Oils victory at Berlin GOOA 2023 confirms their position among the best olive oil producers in the world. Thanks to their legacy of excellence, sustainable practices and exceptional flavours, the brand continues to distinguish itself. This prestigious award celebrates their success and inspires the entire industry to reach new levels of quality and innovation

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