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    Produced in Cilento, home of the Mediterranean Diet


    Our olive trees are over 300 years old and have been producing quality oil for centuries

Sopraffino di Ceraso

A delicate organoleptic profile. A harmonious balance between bitter and spicy, with a medium sensation intensity .

โ€ข Pisciottana monocultivar
โ€ข Balanced and intense, hints of ripe olives and green leaves
โ€ข Rich and deep aroma, slightly pronounced bitterness
โ€ข Pleasant spicy sensation

Finissimo di Ceraso

A pronounced bitterness is perceived, accompanied by a pleasant spicy sensation that delicately expands in the mouth.

โ€ข Multicultivar
โ€ข Refined and delicate organoleptic profile
โ€ข Fresh and pleasant aroma
โ€ข Notes of ripe olives, slight hint of green leaves,
โ€ข Soft texture, harmonious balance between bitter and spicy
โ€ข Light almond notes give a subtle sweetness.

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Directly from the Producer

When you choose Alberta Iannicelli Organic Olive Oil , you are buying directly from the producer. Our ancient olive trees, with roots dating back more than 300 years, have consistently produced quality olive oil through the ages. We ship directly from Ceraso in the Cilento National Park, here where the Mediterranean Diet was founded.

Spotlight on Excellence: both the Finissimo di Ceraso and the Sopraffino di Ceraso have been awarded in multiple prestigious competitions. And recently featured in a TV show in Los Angeles . [Watch the video here]


  • Intense flavor!

    Cilento oil with an intense flavour, recommended on fish, to add value to a simple salad or to be enjoyed on a classic slice of toasted bread.

  • Organic oil, genuine from Cilento. Highly recommended!

    For cooking or simply to flavor dishes, the quality and awareness of the origin of the products I use is essential.
    If you also add a unique and genuine taste to this, then it can only be love at first sight and taste!


    I have been purchasing this quality product for two years and I am fully satisfied. The oil is particularly valuable as it combines taste and authenticity. Congratulations for your dedication and professionalism!

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