Alberta Iannicelli Agricultural Company joins the CIA project "From Field to Table"

Alberta Iannicelli Azienda Agricola joins the "Dal Campo alla Tavola" project, the first e-commerce portal specializing in Italian artisan products

In this difficult period of pandemic crisis, agriculture is also working towards a recovery that will allow it to get closer to the consumer through the resources and opportunities offered by e-commerce.

Thanks to the CIA - Agricoltori Italiani , supported by JPMorgan , the first portal specializing in Italian artisanal agricultural products was born. 

Our Organic Cilento Olive Oil "Sopraffino di Ceraso" and "Finissimo di Ceraso" is one of the products selected and present on the portal.

Preserves, organic fruit, wine, oil, legumes, flours and local cheeses from all over Italy will be available for purchase on the Dal Campo alla Tavola marketplace , an online platform that allows all member companies to create their own innovative online showcase, with exclusive products and selected.

Thus a new community of relationships is born, in which food is an intermediary between producers and final consumers, with the aim of protecting and developing farms, farmers and the rural world, strengthening the role of agriculture in the Italian economy.

The marketplace naturally does not want to replace direct sales, which always remains the privileged channel, but will simply be an integration, with a view to strengthening already existing relationships with consumers and building new ones.

“The pandemic has shown that the survival and growth of companies in the agri-food sector also depends on their ability to innovate and acquire skills and tools to reach the many consumers near and far who want their products, while keeping the excellence that distinguishes them intact ” , as explained by Francesco Cardinali, Senior Country Officer of JPMorgan in Italy.

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