Alberta Iannicelli's organic olive oil meets blockchain technology: a breakthrough for product traceability and transparency

The world of olive oil is always looking for new technologies that can guarantee greater transparency and traceability of the product, and the adoption of blockchain technology seems to be the ideal solution for this sector.

From April 2023, Alberta Iannicelli 's Sopraffino and Finissimo di Ceraso oils, thanks to a project by ICE and Food Chain , will be tracked and certified in the blockchain. This means that all production phases and the history of individual bottles and oils will now be securely and immutably recorded in the blockchain.

But how exactly does this system work?
Simple: a QR code placed on the back of the bottle neck will contain all the information necessary to know the origin and history of the product. By scanning the code with a smartphone, it will be possible to view all the information relating to the product: from the production area, to the variety of olives used, from the cultivation and harvesting techniques to the processing of the oil.

But why is the blockchain so important for olive oil?
Because it guarantees greater product transparency, avoiding fraud and counterfeiting, and because it allows producers to demonstrate the quality of their oil through objective and verifiable data.

Furthermore, thanks to the blockchain, Alberta Iannicelli's Sopraffino and Finissimo di Ceraso oils will be able to access new markets and increase their competitiveness, thanks to the greater confidence that consumers will have in the product.

In conclusion, the adoption of the Food Chain blockchain technology represents an important competitive advantage for Alberta Iannicelli's Sopraffino and Finissimo di Ceraso oils, guaranteeing greater transparency and traceability of the product.

Thanks to this innovation, consumers will be able to have greater confidence in the quality and origin of the product, making these oils even more attractive on the market. This initiative could also encourage other companies in the sector to follow their example, contributing to a revolution in the world of olive oil.

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