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Alberta Iannicelli Azienda Agricola

Extra Fine di Ceraso - 250 ml

Extra Fine di Ceraso - 250 ml

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100% Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Extra Fine Cherry
100% Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Alberta Iannicelli Farm

The Ceraso Extra Fine Olive Oil from the Alberta Iannicelli Iannicelli Farm has a more or less intense green to straw yellow colour, a medium-light fruity aroma and a fruity flavor with a medium or weak bitter and spicy sensation.

    The production area extends in the Cilento Biodistrict in the south of the province of Salerno and includes the territory of the municipalities of Ascea, Ceraso and Vallo della Lucania.

    Superior category organic olive oil obtained directly from olives and solely by mechanical means.

    Control Body Authorized by MiPAAF
    SIDEL spa / IT BIO 012
    Operator Code No. 5767 .

    For international delivery, please feel free to contact us at

    Frequent questions

    Is Alberta Iannicelli extra virgin olive oil organic?

    Yes, the extra virgin olive oil produced by the Company
    Agricola Alberta Iannicelli is organic. The olives are grown without the use
    of pesticides or chemical fertilizers, and the production of the oil follows the strict
    standard of organic production method. All processes are certified
    according to national and European directives.

    What are the shipping methods?

    Our products are shipped by courier
    delivered throughout Italy and Europe. Delivery times may vary
    depending on the destination, but generally between 2 and 5 days

    Is there a minimum order?

    No, there is no minimum order for our products.
    Orders can be made according to customer requirements.

    How can I pay for my purchases on your site?

    We accept several payment methods, including card
    credit card, PayPal and bank transfer.

    What does the Alberta Iannicelli farm do?

    The company
    Agricola Alberta Iannicelli produces high quality extra virgin olive oil, obtained by cold pressing of olives grown in the Bio District of
    Cilento and specifically in the municipalities of Ascea, Vallo della Lucania and Ceraso.

    Do you offer bulk and B2B discounts?

    Yes, we offer special discounts for both normal and B2B purchases
    large quantities. For information on our wholesale prices and discounts
    available, we advise you to contact us directly.

    How to request a refund or open a complaint?

    For complaints and refunds, we advise you to consult
    the guide at the bottom of this page or contact us directly.

    What is the difference between Sopraffino di Ceraso, Finissimo di Ceraso and Extra Fine di Ceraso oil?

    The oils are distinguished by areas, harvesting periods and
    cultivars. Sopraffino di Ceraso is a monocultivar of Pisciottana, Finissimo ed
    Extra Fine di Ceraso are blends of typical Cilento cultivars. Consult
    the individual product pages for more details and organoleptic data sheets.

    Do you ship to the United States of America?

    Yes, we are happy to inform you that we ship to the United States of America. We recommend placing an order of 6 bottles of 500ml or 12 bottles of 250ml to offset shipping costs.

    Give a unique experience

    Give a touch of elegance and taste to your table with our Alberta Iannicelli gift boxes: the perfect choice for a refined and genuine gift.

    Over 200 years of history

    As early as 1800, Alberta Iannicelli exported the flavors of the Cilento lands to South America.

    Today, that tradition continues to animate the family's passion and commitment , which has made the production of olive oil a real cultural and gastronomic heritage.