Our Cilento oil on Authentico Campania, the Campania food and wine app

Authentic Campania Sopraffino of Ceraso

We have recently landed on Authentico Campania , an app that takes you to discover the Campania food and wine heritage , which has 531 typical regional specialties, 58 registered excellences certified DOP IGP STG. An immense heritage that deserves to be known through a careful communication strategy that brings it directly to the consumer.

We are happy to participate with our Cilento production in an app and a portal that with an innovative system wishes to enhance and promote Campania agri-food products even of small productions , encouraging an online trade open to micro and macro companies from Campania in the sector.

In fact, it is now more than ever essential for the consumer to know and be aware of the identity of the national heritage of food production. Geographical Indication products and traditional specialties are the most distinctive features of a territory, making its authenticity, tradition, taste, typicality, biodiversity immediately recognizable, as well as being and representing an indissoluble bond with the territory, also expressed in terms of origin, security and traceability.

If before this awareness was within reach of a few, today it is requested and sought after by the average consumer, thanks also to the greater accessibility of information on which they can draw, and which for the food and wine heritage of a territory can translate into a great opportunity.

At the same time, however, it is important that the consumer is provided with all the fundamental notions to be able to choose the products of his own land: this is why Authentico Made in Campania has created a single portal of typical Campania products, accessible to all and where territories and farms producing and typical products cross each other , helping consumers and restaurateurs to find and buy authentic products even directly from producers.

In this way the agricultural supply chain is reduced, it becomes easily traceable to the consumer who is thus involved in a real story of the products, also through experiential activities, educating and informing about the typical recipes and food traditions of Campania. And it is also a great opportunity for companies to implement an online commerce channel, aimed at promoting the reputation of the company, its territories and its typical products.

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