A special box to taste our Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil produced in Cilento

A special box to taste our Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil produced in Cilento

A special box to bring to the table always fresh and ready-to-use olive oil directly from the Cilento National Park.

We thought of a Family Box, available in 2 formats: 6x500ml and 12x250ml . Inside you will find our bottles of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Sopraffino di Ceraso and Finissimo di Ceraso , in variable quantities and combinations, to be chosen according to your needs and in the available formats.
A box for those who always want to have an extra bottle at home, to experiment with new recipes or season meals with the highest quality, but also for those looking for an exclusive gift to share with friends, relatives and colleagues.

What is of great value is not only the contents of the box but also the unique design of our glass bottles, refined and elegant, in perfect harmony with a table designed for an exclusive occasion.

Our "Sopraffino di Ceraso" and "Finissimo di Ceraso" olive oil labels contain all the history and tradition that has characterized the prestigious business of the Iannicelli family since 1800 , which already successfully managed an export business worldwide.

At the basis of our history is the care and love for our products, obtained through completely natural cultivations, which place fundamental attention on the principles of the Mediterranean diet and on the olive harvest in the peak period of qualitative performance.

For orders and information, visit our website: www.aziendagricolalberta.it


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